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Dead Scent


Scent Elimination

Dead Scent is the most powerful & fastest odor eliminator product on the market. Dead Scent's biodegradable rapid-release oxidizing vapor eradicates your scent in just 1 hour!

What is the value of your hunt?
Time, money and excitement go into every trip. Dead Scent is the insurance to help protect that investment. Increase the success of you and your client’s hunting experience.

Dead Scent Used By Joella Bates

“I NEVER got busted while using Dead Scent".

Joella Bates is an avid user of Dead Scent. She shared her monster harvest with us.

Who is Joella Bates? Joella Bates is an 12 time 3D Archery World Champion that has taken 82 different species with bows and arrows. She is the first and only woman bowhunter to collect the “Big Five”.

Why Use Dead Scent?

SAFE: Calculated gram size for the safest levels of CLO2 with maximum effectiveness and no live chemical handling.

TRUSTED: Used and endorsed by top hunting professionals since 2007. Widely used in other applications for superior scent removal.

EFFECTIVE: CLO2 is chemically smaller than other scent removers or sprays being able to penetrate deeper and more aggressively to remove all odors.

INNOVATIVE: Dead Scent has developed a cutting-edge patented 1 hour scent removal delivery system that also leaves a refined sodium scent for the game.

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