Vendors - A Turkey Call with The Petrified Sound

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A.M. Calls The Petrified Sound

Petrified wood is the key component in my calls, producing sound quality that cannot be matched by anything else. It has a natural rough texture and a grain like wood.The purrs made by A.M. Calls are second to none and have fooled many an old tom.

I prefer to call against the grain but one can call with the grain and get a different sound. I feel it is best to not lift your striker when using the petrified calls. They produce sound by the vibration of the entire pot and not just the top of the call.

My patented shape (patent no. D72148) produces quality sound with almost any type of wood.  The pot of my call is made by gluing 4 pieces of wood together, this patented process produces a very strong pot that has a unique look. The patented process of using petrified wood as a striking surface (pat. no. 8,944,897 B1) gives the turkey hunter an option that is different and produces a very real sound. If petrified wood gets wet, it will dry out in about ten minutes. To condition them, sand with the grain and you will find that it doesn't need to be done very often. SEE THE DEMO VIDEO HERE

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For the slate call enthusiast, a line of slate calls is now available with the same craftmanship as our signature pertrified wood calls.

A.M. Striker!

Introducing a totally new type of striker for a friction call! The A. M. STRIKER has been in development for over two years. It is an adjustable striker that will enable the hunter to move the head of the striker and lock it in different positions. One can produce multiple sounds with the same striker and tune the striker to the call. Find Out More about our adjustable striker.

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805 Robinson St.

El Dorado, Arkansas 71730

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