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Third Coast Thermal


Our Values

Always putting Christ, family and pride in the USA first.

Always tell the truth, no matter how painful.

Third Coast Thermal, a woman owned corporation, was launched in 2015 to embrace the adventures of life that awaits each of us around the next bend in the road or beyond the next moonrise.

Our Philosophy

Life is an adventure, sunrise to moonrise.

Breathe in and out, one foot in front of the other….repeat.

Live life one day at a time.

There is always something to be thankful for.

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Trijicon’s advanced thermal imaging riflescopes are trusted by the most demanding shooters to get the job done with accuracy and speed no matter what. Day or night. Choose from thermal imaging monoculars, helmet sights, weapon sights and clip-on sights. Conquer darkness with Trijicon®.

Choose your Trijicon® Thermal Technology:

Trijicon IR-HUNTER® Thermal Riflescope - Precision for a Superior Hunting Advantage Day or Night
Trijicon REAP-IR® Mini Thermal Riflescope - Get Rounds on Target Faster Than Ever
Trijicon IR-PATROL® Thermal Monocular - The Multi-Purpose High Performance Thermal Imaging Monocular
Trijicon SNIPE-IR® Thermal Clip-On - Add 24-hour capability to your day optic with the brilliant clarity of the SNIPE-IR


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Professional line of optic and electro-optic devices with enhanced functionality for experienced users and specialists in different spheres: hunting, animal research observation (incl. without direct visibility and in difficult atmospheric conditions), night and thermal photo and video shooting, search and rescue. Integration with external computer devices, with internet is a standard for development of new and modification of old products.


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N-Vision Optics is committed to providing the highest quality, combat-proven electro-optical products and technologies to Military and Law Enforcement users in the United States and abroad. N-Vision Optics specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of night vision, thermal imaging, and custom optical solutions. As a result of our continued commitment to quality, N-Vision Optics is proud to have achieved and maintained its ISO 9001 certification since 2010. With thousands of units currently in use around the globe, N-Vision Optics has established itself as a well-known global resource for night vision and thermal imaging equipment.


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For Steiner Optics, superb performance and bone-deep tenacity was born in the ruin of war. In 1947, in the face of demolished infrastructures and a collapsed economy, Karl Steiner started a one-man workshop in Bayreuth, Germany, obsessed with a single goal: creating optical products so functional, sturdy and uniformly flawless that nothing in the chaotic, mass-production post-war world could compare. His passion for unmatched optical perfection pushed Steiner-Optik from a hardscrabble startup to a 50-man factory within six years, and on to become a worldwide optical icon with binoculars and rifle scopes for every purpose, a history of innovation, and legions of diehard enthusiasts in every category.


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Making tactical products that have a reputation for quality and toughness is what Wilcox is committed to. Wilcox works toward finding solutions to the technology shortfalls that military and law enforcement encounter. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing Wilcox has become known as a proven performer.


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The love of nature is the main reason for going hunting. This love, however, also means meeting the wilderness and the elements up-close. In the cold, in the heat and in rough terrain. This is the only way to truly encounter the heart and soul of nature. For this, companions that can master these tough conditions are essential. Ones that can be relied on in every situation. Precisely matched to every individual’s needs, they must face the wilderness up-close and effortlessly deliver peak performance in even the most demanding conditions. The ZEISS brand stands for these qualities.



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