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God's Country Outfitters

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Florida's Best Hunting & Fishing Outfitter

God’s Country Outfitters is your personal guide service for hunting the wild Florida outdoors.  Owned and operated by good country people who love to hunt just as much as you do.

Hunting with God's Country Outfitters

With over 20 years of hunting experience, our guides know how to make your hunt a success.

GCO has over 20,000 acres of prime hunting ground located on a variety of terrains.  From the deep swamps to the high oak hills, we will get you where you need to be to have a successful hunt.  Whether you're hunting for a trophy gatorwild and dangerous boar, or the prestigious Osceola turkey your hunt will be the adventure of a lifetime.

God’s Country Outfitters is owned and operated by good country folks who have been hunting the area for their entire lives, so experience is not an issue.  We treat our clients like friends and family because that is the way that we like to be treated when we go hunting.   

God’s Country Outfitters is located 30 minutes from our nation’s oldest city; St. Augustine,  and 45 minutes from world-famous Daytona Beach. Disney World is only an hour away so bring the whole family down and make it a family vacation. 

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are a real hunter and looking for a truly wild adventure this is the place. 

We look forward to hunting with you,

Charles & RT
God's Country Outfitters, LLC

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Osceola Turkey Hunting

The Florida Osceola turkey hunt is one of the hardest hunts and turkeys to kill. We've had a 98% success rate the past 12 seasons and this year we have been preparing and working very hard to keep the success rate up. There have been several birds seen already this year. If you are looking for a great hunt with some wonderful people this is the place for you.

Our Osceola Turkey Hunts Include:

Not Included:

($1000 non-refundable deposit at time of booking per person)

(15% to 20% tip to our guide is common)

We have a 98% success rate for the 2008-2019 seasons!

Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting Season:
3rd Saturday in March through the 4th Sunday in April every spring.

Information on Osceola Turkeys
The Osceola Turkey (The Florida wild Turkey) is similar to the eastern but smaller, darker in color, and are only found in the peninsula of Florida. They are named after the famous Seminole Chief, who led his tribe against the Americans in a 20-year war beginning in 1835. 

Notice on the map below that we are right in the heart of the wild Osceola range. We find a lot of people think Osceola's are just found in Southern Florida. The fact is, there is fantastic Osceola hunting in North Central Florida. View the image to see where God's Country Outfitters is located.

God's Country Outfitters is located in San Mateo, Florida.

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Florida Alligator Hunting

The great thing about alligator hunting is the diversity. In Florida, you can hunt day or night with a variety of weapons. If you choose to use a rifle, crossbow, harpoon, or archery, these prehistoric monsters always make it a challenge! Whether you hunt day or night regardless of your weapon choice, you will enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

Florida Alligator Hunting Options

Multi-Night Alligator Hunts (Aug. 15- Nov. 1)

These fully guided wild alligator hunts can only be done at night from boats using harpoons, crossbows, spear guns, and fishing poles. This by far, is the most exciting action-packed way to hunt wild Florida alligators. Most people love the boat ride just as much as the hunt. If you like action-packed hunting all night with never a dull moment, this is the hunt for you. If you are the laid-back type of hunter, ask about our day hunts. Whatever you wish, we can help you check gator hunting off your bucket list!

Alligator Hunting at Night

Although night hunts for Alligators in Florida can be more challenging than a day hunt - adrenaline levels do increase. Spotlights are used to scan lakes and swamps for giant gators and the lack of light creates an eerie excitement to the gator hunt. There is something about the dark waters and what lurks beneath that makes this hunt exciting and a little unnerving at the same time. Weapon selection is up to the hunter. We will offer some suggestions and additional details about the hunt before you select a weapon. Night gator hunts normally produce larger gators. Night hunts offer the added benefit of a reprieve from the Florida daytime heat!

Multi-Night Hunt Packages

The Florida Gator Hunt
1 person 2 days/2 nights
Meals and lodging
All equipment and tag
Bang stick only, no firearms allowed
Average size 8 to 10 feet
$3950 hunter ($750 non-hunter)
Giant Trophy Fee: 10’-10’11” $1000
Monster Trophy Fee: 11’-11’11” $2000
Dinosaur Trophy Fee: 12’’ Plus $3000
Alligator Hunting Season in Florida
August 15 - November 1st
(Private land alligator tags are available throughout the year)


American Alligator Facts
Although male alligators in Florida can become quite large, female alligators rarely exceed 10 feet in length. The Florida state record for a gator is a 14 foot 3-1/2 inch male alligator from Lake Washington and the Florida weight record for an alligator is 1,043 pounds. Our alligator hunts will probably not produce trophy gators of this size, but you never know!

Alligators are cold-blooded and they need external sources, heat & cold, to regulate their body temperature. Florida alligators may maintain their body temperature by moving to warm or cool water areas or basking in the sun on a clear day. In Florida, Alligators become more active at times when temps are 82° to 92°F. Florida alligators often stop eating when temperatures drop below 70° F and they become somewhat sluggish when temps drop below 55° F. During the winter months in Florida, alligators are mostly dormant and can be found in dens or “alligator holes” but they will emerge at times to bask in the sun.

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Thermal Hog Hunts Florida | Night Hog Hunts

This Thermal wild hog hunting adventure is unlike any guided hunt you have ever experienced. The Thermal hunts take place at night, which adds an element of excitement to the hunt. Wild boar are more active at night so your thermal hunts are great for hunters looking for a lot of shooting action.

We use top-of-the-line thermal equipment to locate the wild pigs and thermal scopes for the shooting.

Fully guided night thermal Hunts

Price Per Hunter = $375

• We provide all equipment

• Meet at the camp at dark

• Rifle hunt

• Shoot on the range with the guide to get a feel for the equipment

• These are a spot and stalk style hunt. Around the farm fields, cattle pastures, baited areas, and feeders.

• Hunt lasts 4 hours

• This hunt provides a very high success rate because hogs are more active at night

• Price $375 per hunter

A night thermal pig hunt is a is a great option if you are considering buying some thermal equipment. We have the equipment for you to try out before spending thousands of dollars on thermal hunting scopes.

On a good night hunt, you will have a number of encounters with wild hogs. Shot distances vary from close range to 200-yard long shots. This is a true spot and stalk hunt in the dark of night!

The Hunting Lodge

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Our spacious Florida hunting lodge is ranch-style, with an open layout and roomy feel. As you enter the main lodge you have a large dining room area to your right and a kitchen to the left. As you pass through the dining area it opens up into a very large and open living room area with a 75" screen television. Plenty of room for you and your group to relax after an exciting day of hunting.

The bunk area sleeps up to five and is surrounded by an array of classic mounts. You'll fall asleep dreaming of the trophies you came to add to your collection!

Upon arrival, you can head to the range and site in your rifles before the next day’s hunt.

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Dining & Activities on the Ranch

After the hunt, why not enjoy your stay and relax? You can sit by the fire pit and reflect on the day…maybe tell some good hunting stories among friends.

The ladies that help do all the cooking are true southern ladies who do not believe food should come in a box, so I hope you enjoy some good home cooking and lots of it!

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We look forward to hunting with you,

Charles & RT
God's Country Outfitters, LLC

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God's Country Outfitters
850 East State Rd. 100
San Mateo, FL 32187


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