Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia Hunts - Hartmann Zebra, Jackal, Klipspringer, Oryx, Ostrich, Red Hartebeest, Spotted Hyena, Steenbuck, Springbuck, Warthog, Mng. M/ Zebra, Mng. Gemsbuck

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About Sesembo

At Sesembo we pride our self on ethical fair chase, walk and stalk hunting and well managed naturally occurring game.

We harvest free range animals that have the opportunity to escape and avoid hunters just as much as the hunter’s chance of getting close enough to harvesting an animal. Our conservation plan of selective harvesting ensures that we protect the wildlife population for future generation hunters to have the same experience. Sesembo is a small company managed and guided by the owner with more than 10 years’ experience in the tourism industry, thus insuring personal attention to every exclusive group in camp.

 Sesembo’s camp is a perfect family friendly adventure were the young can learn about nature and the importance of conservation hunting.

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2023 Price List - All prices below in US Dollars

At Sesembo Hunting Safaris, ethical free range hunting is our pride and passion.

Daily Rate

Day of Arrival $175.00

Day of Departure $175.00

Airport transfer both ways per vehicle $500.00

Hunting Days - Plains Game 1x1 $370.00

Hunting Days - Plains Game 2x1 $320.00

Observer Rate $200.00

Rifle rental per day (Ammunition at cost) $30.00


Hartmann Zebra $1,450.00

Jackal $100.00

Klipspringer $1500.00                                                       

Oryx  $850.00                                                                 

Ostrich $900.00                                                           

Red Hartebeest $900.00                                                 

Spotted Hyena $1850.00                                               

Steenbuck $650.00                                                        

Springbuck $675.00                                                     

Warthog $675.00                                                       

Mng M/zebra  $500.00                                              

Mng. Gemsbuck $350.00                                             

Mng Giraffe $1500.00                                                      

Sable $7000.00                                                                     

Red Lechwe $3000.00                                                    

Baboon  $150.00                                                            

Black Wildebeest $1650.00                                               

Blue Wildebeest $1450.00                                                 

Burchell Zebra $1450.00                                                

Caracal $1000.00                                                               

Cheetah $4000.00                                                                 

Common Impala $950.00                                                   

Damara Dik Dik $2300.00                                                     

Duiker $650.00                                                                   

Eland $2600.00                                                                                                                                

Greater Kudu $2000.00                                                    

Waterbuck $2800.00                                                          

Roan $8000.00                                                                       

Black Face Impala $1600.00                                             


Namib Naukluft Park (min of 4 Hunting days) Government concession

Hunting Days – Plains Game 1 x 1 $450.00
Hunting Days – Plains Game 2 x 1 $400.00
Transport to and from Conservancy per Vehicle $500.00
Observer $200.00

Oryx 38”+ $1000.00
Springbuck 15”+  $900.00
Klipspringer $1600.00
Hartmann Zebra $1500.00
Blue Wildebeest $1550.00
Spotted Hyena $2500.00

Big Game Buffalo Hunts ( Hunting day fee and Buffalo only)

Zimbabwe 7day hunt - $16,500.00

Zambia 7day hunt - On request

Namibia Concession 7day hunt - On request

Namibia 10day Park hunt -On request

South Africa 7 days  - $16,500.00 

Packages 2023

All plains game Packages includes (Full boarding and lodging, arrival and departure days and transport from and to HK International Airport, Skinning, Animal preparations, Guide and hunting Vehicle.)

9 Days / 5 Animals One Hunter
(1 x Kudu, 1 x Gemsbok, 1 x Mountain Zebra, 1 x Springbuck, 1 x non-trophy Gemsbok (non-refundable)

Hunter @ $7465.00                                                        Observer @ $1565.00

7 Days / 5 Animals One Hunter
(1 x Mountain Zebra, 1 x Gemsbok, 1 x non-trophy Gemsbok (non-refundable), 1 x Jackal, 1 x Baboon)

Hunter @ $4600.00                                                        Observer @ $1250.00

12 Days / 6 Animals One Hunter
(1 x Kudu, 1 x Gemsbok, 1 x Springbuck, 1 x Blue Wildebeest, 1 x Black Wildebeest, 1 x Hartman’s Mountain Zebra)

Hunter @ $11775.00                                                      Observer @ $2080.00

12 Days / 6 Animals One Hunter Spiral horned
(1 x Kudu, 1 x Eland, 1 x Springbuck, 1 x Impala,)

Hunter @ $9860.00                                                        Observer @ $2080.00

All Plain’s game Packages: Additional days can be added at US$ 325.00 for hunter and US$ 200.00 for observer.

Exclusive 14 Day Leopard hunt - One Hunter

Hunter @ U$19000.00                                                       Observer @ $2450.00

Ladies Special

7 Days / 5 Animals One Hunter
(1 x Mountain Zebra, 1 x Gemsbok, 1 x non-trophy Gemsbok (non-refundable), 1 x Jackal, 1 x Baboon)

Hunter @ U$4100.00                                                        Observer @ $1250.00


The Bush Camp

Sesembo boast with a unique tented camp built on the granite hills of Kamanjab. With all the luxuries needed in the bush, to make your stay as comfy as possible.
The tents consist of 2 comfortable single beds for the father and son hunters or can be joined as a double bed for those couples who love sharing their outdoor adventures.
With a new 3rd family unit that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. 
 Wood fed boilers are used to ensure that the shower is always warm and solar power to light up your tents and charge all the electronic needs.
This all forming part of Sesembo’s conservation efforts to leave almost no human footprint in nature.

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The entertainment tent consists of the self-help bar, where you can get all the refreshments needed to keep you hydrated in the company of the drinking-fowl (Guineafowl), a lounge area for the afternoons or early evenings to kick back and relax with a book or drink in hand, a dining area to indulge in the exquisite traditional meals prepared by the chef.

Outside the entertainment tent, we have the bushman tv, where many nights will be spent talking about the hunting day and reliving the stalks and thrills of the day. This is where all the new memories are engraved forever under the star saturated skies of Namibia.  

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Why choose Namibia

Wildlife conservation has become a more diverse topic over the past years, and those involved at Sesembo have made it their mission to incorporate conservation efforts into every hunting experience...

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