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Big Chino Outfitters


  Thank you for coming to Big Chino Outfitters. BCO, established in 1987 by founder JP Vicente, is a family owned and operated Outfitting company, based out of Prescott, Arizona. J.P. has established himself as one of the "go-to" premier Outfitters in the southwest over the last 30+ years due to his deep rooted knowledge and success of finding some of the biggest bull elk in Arizona. Additionally, some of the biggest Mule Deer Bucks this state has to offer. JP, a native of Arizona, raised his two sons, Michael and Junior, in the outdoor and Outfitting industry. Over the last 20+ years, coupled with their father's knowledge and over 30+ years of guiding and Outfitting experience, the trio have become one of the true top-tier elk, antelope, and mule deer Outfitters in the entire southwest.



The State of Az is offering a new OTC Elk Hunt opportunity in areas that were a draw in the past.  These areas are plentiful of elk with bulls 300-350 with the potential of a large class of elk.

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Arizona Guided Trophy Elk Hunts

 Often referred to as the “Disneyland” of elk hunting. Arizona holds some of the highest quality Rocky Mountain Bull Elk in the entire world. All due to high quality trophy management of our elk herds by The Arizona Game and Fish Department. We are a "Quality" over quantity based state. Coupled with great genetics, living in mild terrain with mild winters, our elk have a great chance to reach their full potential each growing season. 


There are plenty of younger bulls as well as cows for organic meat hunts . $5000 

The Any Elk Hunt is open March 1-31 2023.

The Bull Only hunt is open April 1- July 31. These bulls will be in velvet this summer and a unique opportunity to harvest a Velvet Bull. Can't think of anywhere in the west that you could hunt a guaranteed OTC Bull Elk In Velvet! 

Elk Hunting Outfitter

-7 Days Hunting $5000 Guiding fee-

A trophy fee criteria is being established  as follows:

  1. 300-350 class Bulls: $5000 

  2. 350-380 class Bulls :$7500

  3. 380-400 class Bulls:  $10,000

The hunters will be responsible for the following:

  1. Their own lodging Motel recommendations will be provided 

  2. Meals BCO will provide Sack Lunches

  3. Transpired to meet guides if necessary 

  4. Hunters must obtain a Valid Az Hunt License $160 and purchase a OTC Non Permit Elk Tag $650

  5. Meat care ( processing) 

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We are currently booking the first 2 weeks of March before the bulls drop their antlers. Contact us if you are interested in a hard horn bull!

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