Mexico Hunts - Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer

Hunts Start at $14,950.00


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GURO Outfitters


We are an exclusive and personalized outfitter for Mule Deer and Desert Bighorn Sheep in Caborca, Sonora.


Sonora Trophy Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts (FREE RANGE) Season Late Nov- Mid-March

* 8 full hunting days + 2 travel days
* Fully guided (2-3 guides)
* Fly to Phoenix, Tucson, or Hermosillo
* 100% shooting opportunity
* All-inclusive except gratuities for guides & chef (8% - 15%)
* We expect 168” + Rams
* $59,500 + $975 trophy export and shipping

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Sonora Trophy Mule Deer Hunts

* 6 full hunting days
* Over 96% success rate the past 3 seasons
* Fly to Tucson or Phoenix
* Fully guided
* All-inclusive except gratuities for guides, driver & chef (12%-18%)
* 14,950 + $500 for gun permit and license

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What makes us different?

* Over 96% success rate the past 3 seasons.
* Food and water every 1,000 acres on our ranches.
* We put food and water year-round.
* We manage predators.
* We manage bucks to get rid of bad genetics.
* We only hunt during the RUT.
* Our ranches are only hunted 2 weeks out of the year.
* No other hunters in camp except your party.
* 2 or 3 max hunters per camp depending on the ranch size.

Our ranches

We currently hunt Mule Deer in 5 ranches.  All of our ranches are owned by family and friends.  They are managed year-round to ensure the game quality and quantity gets better year by year.  Each ranch has a comfortable house with electricity and hot running water.

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